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Partner Event - PSPS - Q3 Program - Well-Being IS a Winning Business Strategy

  • 24 Sep 2020
  • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Online

Well-Being IS a Winning Business Strategy


Watch the news on any given day and we know our world is getting exponentially more complex.

Technology, evolving generations and security concerns have impacted our working environments while meaningful work, financial health, physical/mental health and family development influence how we show up to work. Successful companies of the future will be the ones who figure out how to conjugate this complex people world with their business strategy, creating both employee and business health and wealth. Taking care of employees, and supporting them as they take care of themselves, is a business strategy that is needed now more than ever. Comprehensive well-being programs (not simply health programs) are no longer a nice to have when budget allows – they are a must have for revenue growth. Science supports the idea that a well-cared for employee thinks more strategically, approaches their work more creatively, is more engaged at work and leads their teams with more emotional intelligence. And by doing so, impacts the company’s bottom line in real numbers. So how do we get our leadership to understand that revenue and well-being are truly interconnected – beyond simply saving money on health benefit platforms? How do we ensure employees understand that taking care of themselves is just as important as getting their deliverables in on time? Gayle Hilgendorff has been in the position of developer, convincer and implementor. During this session she will make a business case for prioritizing well-being in the business environment – for our leadership, our employees and our revenue. And we may spend a few moments on our own personal well-being – because change starts with each of us individually.


Gayle Hilgendorff is an Executive Health and Leadership coach. She runs her own Executive Health and Leadership Consultancy/Coaching business (The Healthy Leader) in addition to serving as a certified Thrive Global Facilitator and Executive Coach. Gayle’s mission is to create a global business environment where Well-Being is a non-negotiable and critical pillar to overall business strategy.

Prior to founding her own company and working with Thrive Global, Gayle was a Senior Managing Director of Human Resources at Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 Consulting/Outsourcing company. She sat on the Human Resources Executive Leadership Team and was responsible for career development, leadership development and overall employee experience for a global business unit of 30,000+ people. After receiving a certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Gayle implemented her learnings into the leadership development programs and C-Suite executive coaching work she was responsible for within her business unit. Quantitative data (promotion rates, retention rates, employee engagement rates, etc.) began to support the theory that leadership and employees were more productive, strategic, creative and engaged if they understood, and were encouraged to implement, the science and fundamentals behind their own well-being. It was this work, and a burning desire to reach more people/companies, that drew Gayle out of her position at Accenture and into the broader world of well-being coaching, consulting and facilitation.

Gayle is known for her innate ability to connect concepts, research and science with pragmatic implementation company-wide and individually. Her professional background creates immediate authority and relatability while her delivery advocates for real life application.

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