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Sponsor Event - TrainingPros - Change for the Better

  • Thu, November 19, 2020
  • 11:00 AM


Got a habit you’d like to change? Perhaps it’s the one that sprang to mind when you read the title of this workshop. Any of these sound familiar? Cutting people off when they’re talking. Resisting delegation. Forgetting to follow-through. Volunteering when your plate is full. Over-indulging to feel better. Neglecting self-care. You get the idea. Tired of it? Come to the workshop.

Principles of neuroscience and research show us that trying to change an unwanted habit or behavior through sheer will power or cold turkey rarely works. So what does it take?


Come find out. Prior to the session, you’ll select and identify an unwanted behavior or habit which you will work with in this session. You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of a habit and how it operates in your brain
  • How to define your desired replacement behavior/habit
  • Necessary knowledge, tools, and principles for a successful change
  • Mindful behavior change, make a roadmap for yourself and make the shift



Julie Hodack’s career spans three decades as an advisor and consultant, leading critical changes in corporate environments, as well as support for small groups and individuals. In spite of the challenges people face and limitations they might see, Julie teaches them a step-by-step process to lasting change.

Clients for consulting and coaching have included IBM, Aon Corporation, AT&T, US Department of Homeland Security, American Red Cross, Emory University, Centers for Disease Control, Taylor English & Dumas, Procter and Gamble, MGM International Resorts and CARE.

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