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Partner Event - Bright Invention - Fall Improv Workshops

  • Sun, September 19, 2021
  • Online & In Person


Join the team from Bright Invention and their sister organization Creative Corporate training for one of their awesome, engaging, fun, and meaningful impro workshops this fall.  Bright Invention blazes a new trial for creative nonprofits, one that relies more on earned program revenue and less on donated income. We are committed to an entrepreneurial mindset based on the proven value we bring to our clients, students and audiences.

Real Human Connection

We are the antidote for the loneliness and alienation our “over-teched” world creates. We bring people together - at our shows, in our classes, with our workshops. It’s in our human DNA: we long to encounter each other, to affirm that we are not alone. And then, what a joy to discover that when we are together, previously stubborn knots in ourselves and with others seem to untangle. How? Read on . . .

Play With a Purpose

When I can play with you, then I am safe with you. We facilitate play with a purpose in all our work, and we use the transformational process of improvising together to do it. Improvisation shows us that we innately contain these virtues: courage, empathy, creativity and faith. Our skilled performers, teachers, workshop leaders create the experiences through which you can feel these virtues come alive within yourself. You see, we have a sequence:

Safe, Fun, Meaningful

Every Bright Invention experience obeys this “pedagogical sequence”: 1) We create a safe space for all participating. We focus especially on those who come from oppressed or marginalized populations, ensuring there is a level playground. 2) We deliver the fun through games, exercises and scenarios that make us smile, laugh and safely open up our “feeling centers.” 3) When we arrive at the journey that matters together, safely having fun, well - that’s when the meaningful discoveries begin . . .

Information & Registration: Click Here

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